Manual Sales Importer

You can upload your Actual Sales to 7shifts if you do not have an integration with one of our supported POS partners. These Actual Sales numbers will be imported to the Dashboard and the Labor Budget Tool, and will be used to calculate your Projected Sales.

❗️This tool can only be used for a Location that is not currently connected to a POS integration.

Not sure if your POS integrates with 7shifts? Click here to see a list of our available POS integrations.
⚠️ With this feature, historical sales can only be uploaded as far back as 18 months into the past.
⚠️ Admins will be able to upload sales data however, Managers / Assistant Managers will require both the 'Can manage schedules' and 'Can manage sales projections' Manager Permissions to have access to this tool.

Exporting your POS Sales Data

There are a few important factors to take note of when exporting your sales data from your POS. Each POS has a different process for exporting receipts, and here is what is needed:

1. Your sales export should include 'Net' sales, not 'Gross' sales (ie: no taxes or tips).

2. Your export should include individual receipts (Best) or 15 minutes to 1 hour increments (Okay).

❗️A single daily sales total will NOT work correctly when calculating projections and for other features, so this method is NOT RECOMMENDED.

3. A Date and Time is required for each receipt or increment.

⚠️ Note how the date and time fields in your POS report are formatted. You may need to reformat these to match the importer templates.

Uploading your Actual Sales Data

To upload your Actual Sales into 7shifts, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Schedules page > the tools icon > Import Sales :

2. Click on 'Download Template.'


3. Once you download the template, you will want to fill this out with the actual sales data from your POS. You can copy your actual sales report into this file and reformat the data to follow the templates below before uploading it.

⚠️ You can enter the data in either the 'Date & Time / Sales' format or the 'Date / Time / Sales' format as follows:
Date & Time / Sales (2 separate columns)

  • Date & Time: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM 
  • Sales: $00.00


Date / Time / Sales (3 separate columns)

  • Date: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Time:  HH:MM AM/PM
  • Sales: $00.00
⚠️ Tip: Here are some steps to ensure that your file follows either of the two formats above for the Date or Time:

In Excel: Right-click the cell and select Format Cells...> Number > Custom and select the appropriate format.

In Numbers: Format > Cell > Data Format and select the appropriate format. 

In Google Sheets: Format > Number > More Formats > More date and time formats and select the appropriate format. 

4. Once you've filled out and saved the template, you can then upload the file by clicking 'Choose file.'

5. After selecting the file, you'll be given the following options:

  • Format: 'Individual receipts' or 'Hourly sales'. For more accurate projections we recommend entering the individual receipts. 
  • Location: Choose the specific Location that these sales are for.
  • Time zone: Ensure that this is correct for the Location entered above. 

6. After selecting the appropriate options, simply click on 'Upload File' to complete the upload. 

❗️This will overwrite any existing sales data you have already entered for those dates.

If there are errors found in the file, you will receive a warning describing those errors. You'll need to correct those and re-save your file before trying again.

7. Once the upload is successful, your Actual Sales data will now appear on the Dashboard and Labor Budget Tool on the Schedule for all dates entered on the template. This data will then be used to create and fill the Sales Projections going forward.


Click here to learn more about the Dashboard.

The Labor Budget Tool:

Click here to learn more about the Labor Budget Tool.

Actual Sales (outlined in red)

Projected Sales (outlined in blue)

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