Availability Approvals

The 'Availability approvals' setting allows Managers and Admins to approve/decline an Employee's Availability submission. This setting is managed by Admins, under Settings > Company Settings > Availability.


⚠️ Only Admins can access the Company Settings.
Click here to learn more about enabling Availability and the different types of Availability for Employees.

Here's how Availability approval works:

1. An Employee will submit their Availability which will then become 'Pending' for Manager approval.

2. The Manager or Admin will be notified by email that an Availability submission requires their approval.

⚠️ Please note that Availability request notifications, from Employees, will go to those directly a level above them within the account's user type hierarchy. If there is a Manager or Assistant Manager who has the permission 'Can manage other employees' availability' enabled, and is assigned to the same Department as the Employee, then the Admin won't receive a notification for Availability.

However, Admins can still head to the Availability section to Approve or Decline pending Employee requests at any time.

⚠️ Managers do not receive Availability requests from fellow Managers as they are at the same hierarchy level. They would only receive them from a user that is an Assistant Manager or Employee.

⚠️ Managers with 'Can manage other employees' availability' can approve their own Availability requests.

3. The Manager can login to the desktop or mobile app to approve/decline the Availability request:

Web Mobile

1. Head to Schedule > Availability.


2. On the Requests page, you have two methods by which you can approve/decline a request:

Method 1: Choose a Status from the dropdown menu to update it immediately:

Method 2: Click on the request to view it in more detail:

Once you're done reviewing the request details, you can Approve or Decline the request:


Here's an example of what an Employee would see for their Availability on the mobile app:


Or the web app:
⚠️ On the web app, labels will only appear for Pending or Declined requests, if the submission is already Approved, then there is no label.
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