Submitting Shift Feedback

If your employer has enabled Shift Feedback, you will receive a push notification asking how your shift was, at a time selected by your employer.

⚠️ The Shift Feedback will be accessible for you to fill out for 48 hours after your scheduled shift.

⚠️ This feedback will be visible to all Managers and Admins for your Location.

Once the Shift Feedback option is available for you to complete, you'll receive a push notification :

This is your chance to let your employer know how things went! Provide your feedback in the comment box, or choose up to three reasons that best represent you. The topic reasons will change depending on whether you rate...

Good - Great:

Decent - Awful:

You'll have three opportunities to submit your feedback.

  • Launching the app for the first time once your scheduled shift has ended. 

    Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 12.15.02 PM.png

  • From your mobile dashboard:

  • Tapping into your Shift Details from the Schedule tab or your mobile Dashboard:

The option to submit shift feedback will disappear after 48 hours, or when you submit your shift feedback.

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