MarginEdge Integration

MarginEdge is a restaurant management software that provides real-time reports for operators incorporating sales, purchasing, and labor data.

This integration will allow labor data within your 7shifts account to be imported into MarginEdge. From there, this data will be available in various reports within MarginEdge for a day-to-day understanding of profitability and streamlining key activities.

The data MarginEdge captures from 7shifts includes:
  • Employee data  (name, phone number, and email)
  • Role data (which includes job titles)
  • Actual hours data (clock in time, clock out time, number of hours, total pay for the time range, etc.)
⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.
⚠️ For more information on how the integration works and how to activate it for your account, head to MarginEdge’s knowledge base here.

Please contact MarginEdge support at if you have any further questions on the integration setup process.

Once the integration is connected, data will be automatically pulled overnight and then on a daily basis.

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