Logging in for the first time (Mobile)

7shifts' free mobile app will allow you to access your schedule anytime, anywhere. You'll also be able to easily swap upcoming shifts, communicate with your team, and submit availability and time-off requests.

If you've just received an invite to 7shifts, or just downloaded the app, here are a few next steps for you to take.

Accepting Your Invite
Updating Your Profile
Changing Your Password

Accepting Your Invite 

When you are added to a 7shifts account, you will receive an invitation email from your employer.

1. Tap on 'Accept Invite.'

2. You will be prompted to create a password. Please ensure you fulfill the password requirements.

Employee user type passwords must meet these complexity rules:

  • Min: 8 characters
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number or symbol
  • No personal information (3 letter match of your personal name)

Admin/Manager/Assistant Manager user type  passwords must meet these complexity rules:

  • Min. 8 characters
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 number
  • No sequences (abc, 123)
  •  No personal info (name, email)
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • No 3 characters repeating (aaa, 111)

3. Once you create your password, you can download the app to get started!

The first step after logging in is to confirm your contact information.

Updating Your Profile

After login in for the first time, you'll want to set your profile picture and ensure that your email, mobile number, birthday, and emergency contact details are up to date.

1. To head to your profile options, tap on the profile icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Then, tap on 'Edit Profile.'

To add or edit your profile picture, tap directly on the profile icon, then select either 'Take Picture' or 'Choose Picture.'

4. To change your email, mobile number, birthday, or emergency contact info:

  • Tap directly on the field
  • Enter your new info
  • Tap 'Save' in the upper right corner

Changing Your Password

1. Tap on the profile icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Scroll down and tap on 'Change password.'

3. Enter your current password in the first password field.

4. Then, Enter your new password, the one you want to use going forward, in the second password field.

5. Be sure to tap 'Save' in the upper right corner.


Congratulations, your account details are all set!

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