5-Out Integration

5-Out predicts what you're going to sell and when you're going to sell it, by the hour, by major category, 21 days out, to optimize labor and purchasing through actionable insights.

Those using Toast POS and 5-Out can receive accurate predictions of their ideal labor and purchasing budgets.

⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.
⚠️ This integration with 5-Out requires Toast POS.
To enable this integration, you will need to:

1. Sign in to your Toast account.

2. Go to Integrations > Browse & purchase integrations.

3. Search and select the 5-Out integration within the Toast Integrations Portal. Then, click on 'Add now.'

⚠️ Effective 01/13/2020, Toast charges $25/month per location to access Toast's integrations options. If you do not see the 'Add Now' option, it's possible that you need to update your Toast subscription.

If you have not yet activated this function, or are adding a new location, you will be prompted to subscribe to the integrations page.

4. Once you click 'Add now', 5-Out will have your data integrated, your machine learning model trained, and your initial predictions up and running in one day.

⚠️ For any further questions or assistance with connecting this integration, please contact 5-Out support at support@5out.io.
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