Reporting a Message

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How it Works

While using 7shifts, we care about your team having the communication tools they need to be collaborative and efficient.

To ensure that employees continue to have a good experience within the messaging feature, they are empowered to report any abusive comments they may have received in a direct message for custom group chat. When Employees use the "Report Abuse" option, their Manager or Admin will be notified and provided a log of the messages involved to review. 

⚠️ Hierarchy levels with reporting abuse:

  • When a message is reported, the Manager that shares the same department will be notified.

  • If the reported user has a higher user-level type than the reporter, only the reported user's Manager will be notified.

  • If the reported user has a lower user level type than the reporter, only the reporter's Manager will be notified. 

  • If the message is reported between two users that share the same user level type, then both user's Manager will be notified. For example, if Manager reports to another Manager, then the Admin is notified.

In either case, the user who sent the inappropriate message will not be aware that a report has been made. The 'Report Abuse' option is available within the messaging feature under:

  • Private chats with yourself and another individual 
  • Private group/custom chats amongst yourself and 2 or more individuals
  • Chats specific to Location, Departments, and Roles
  • Shout-out channels
For further information regarding abuse, please review our Terms of Use.

How to Report a Message

Use the tabs to change your viewing preferences through the mobile or web app:

Mobile 📱 Web 🖥️


1. While in the messaging area of the app, tap and hold on the specific message you wish to report.

2. Next, tap on the 'Report Abuse' option.

3.  Send the report, and your Admin/Manager will receive a notification about the message.



What Managers or Admins See when a Message is Reported

After a message is reported, the Manager or Admin of the account will receive an email notification containing:

  • The message reported
  • The names of the individuals involved
  • Exports of messages after the reported message and leading up to it 
  • The time each message was sent

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