Including Pronouns

All users in the account, including Admins, Managers, Assistant Managers, and Employees, can update their Pronouns within 7shifts. Using the Pronouns option is highly encouraged to help employees feel respected and included at work.

After your Pronouns have been provided under your user profile, they'll be visible to other members of your team within 7shifts.

How to update your own Pronouns on the web app
Where a user's Pronouns will appear in 7shifts

How to update your own Pronouns 

1. Sign in to your 7shifts account at using your regular login email and password.

2. Head to Settings > My Account:

3. Under the 'Pronouns' dropdown, select your pronouns.

⚠️You can select 'Prefer not to share' if you do not wish to display anything in 7shifts relating to your pronouns. If you choose this option, the Pronoun field will simply appear blank for other users.

This is the default if you have yet not selected any Pronouns for your 7shifts user profile.
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4. Be sure the click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

That's it!

Your selected Pronouns will now be visible to your coworkers.


Where a user's Pronouns will appear in 7shifts

After an individual has provided their Pronouns within their Employee Profile, the selected Pronouns will be surfaced in several areas within the web app.

Pronouns can be seen under the following sections:

1. Schedules page - when hovering your mouse over their name.

2. Messaging feature - next to the person's name.

3. Employees page - next to the person's name.

4. Employee's profile - Next to the person's name and under the 'Personal' tab.

5. My Account - under the 'General' tab. This is the only area in the web app this information can be edited as only the individual can select or update their own Pronouns.


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