Managing Offline Punches

Losing internet access on your time clocking device (whether mobile or on a shared tablet) can be inconvenient, but it doesn't mean that the punch data in 7shifts will be lost! In this article, we'll explore the steps to take if you find yourself in a situation where an offline punch is made on 7punches.

What happens when internet access is lost?

The punch pad will still be accessible. However, it's important to know that scheduled data will be temporarily unavailable until you get the internet connection restored. Employees can still clock in by selecting their Department and Role.

Restoring Internet Connection.

Once wifi access is restored, 7punches automatically syncs all shifts with scheduled shifts. This ensures accurate time tracking and aligns with scheduled shifts.

Manual Entry for Punch Discrepancies.

If an employee punches in when they're not scheduled, or selects an incorrect Department/Role, the punch will not sync automatically. Instead, an email notification will be sent to the Admin with details for manual entry.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 3.28.33 PM.png

Admins can review the details provided in the email and make the adjustments within Time Clocking.

⚠️ Please note that clearing the device or app cache when punches have been made offline may result in the loss of stored punches. As a result, you may be required to manually add/edit punches.

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