7punches for Employees

Punching in/out From a Shared Tablet

To punch in/out for your shift, follow the steps below to ensure your attendance and working hours are recorded.


Punch In: 

      1. Have your Punch ID handy.

        This number is assigned to you by your Employer, and is unique to your profile. You can find it by logging into the mobile app > on the Dashboard, click on your profile icon at the top left corner > select Edit Profile >  view your Punch ID ( or from the web app > click on your profile icon > My Account > view your Punch ID).

      3.  Locate your restaurant's punch pad.

      4.  Enter your Punch ID using the keypad on the punch pad.

        Your punch options may vary, depending on how your Admin has set up the Account. You may be presented with the option to confirm/switch from your assigned shift. Or, to select a Role if you were not assigned a shift for this day.


      5. Tap Punch. This will record your shift's start time.

Punch Out

    1. Enter your Punch ID using the keypad on the punch pad.

      Depending on the Account settings, you may be asked to confirm whether you're punching out for a break, or if you're punching out for the day.

    2. If you're returning from a break, enter your Punch ID to record the end of your break time.

    3. Once your shift is over, repeat the steps to punch out and record the end of your work day.

Mobile Punch

If your Employer has enabled mobile punch for the Account, then you can punch in/out for your shifts directly on your mobile device. 

  1. Download the 7punches app:
  2. Login using your 7shifts credentials (the same email and password that you use to log into the 7shifts mobile/web app).

  3. Enter your Punch ID using the keypad on your mobile device to punch in and out.


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