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Restroworks’ unified technology platform streamlines restaurants’ front-of-the-house, back-of-the-house, out of house/integrations, analytics, and CRM.  By integrating with 7shifts, Restroworks allows restaurants to view real-time sales within reports. 

⚠️Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

⚠️Any bills that are voided/edited on Restroworks will automatically sync and update in 7shifts.

Enabling the Integration

⚠️ To connect the integration, get your Company ID and Location ID Access Token and information from 7shifts by heading to Settings > Developer Tools.

Please reach out to the Restroworks' support team if you have any further questions on the integration setup process.  

  1. Login to your Restroworks POS.

  2. Head to your Administration Panel:


  3. Select Other Integrations3rd Party Integrations:


  4. Locate sShifts > toggle it ON:


  5. Enter your username.

    Your username is your 7shift's Company ID and Location ID in the following format:
    Company ID, Location ID

  6. Enter your password.

    Your password needs to be generated. Click on the Authorize button in the right corner > login to your 7shifts Account > click on Copy My Token :
  7. Paste your token into the Enter password field:


  8. Click the Update button, and your Merchant ID will automatically generate:


  9. Success! 🥳 You've now integrated with Restroworks.
⚠️ For any further questions or assistance with connecting this integration, please contact

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