Task Summary Widget


What is it?

The Task Summary is a new widget that shows an at-a-glance summary and detailed breakdown of Task List completion right within the Manager Log Book and in the daily summary email for Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers*

The Task Summary Widget may require an upgrade from your current plan.

Key Benefits

  • A consolidated view right within the Manager Logbook - cutting down the time it takes to see the status of tasks and their completion rates
  • Improved team accountability and transparency by having information easily available
  • Provides additional context into your day-to-day restaurant operations recorded in the Log Book


Adding the Task Summary Widget

    1. Login as an Admin.

    2. In the left navigation bar, select Log Book > Categories.

    3. Select + Add new.

    4. In the Add Category window, enter a name and select Task Summary from the dropdown menu:

    5. Hit Save to complete these changes. 

Using the Task Summary Widget

The Overview tab shows a donut chart of completed, in progress, and incomplete tasks.


Switch to the Detailed Breakdown tab to see each Task List, its status, and completion rate.



Task Statuses: 

  • Completed = % of tasks for today that have been completed
  • In Progress = % of tasks that are not completed, but are not yet past their due dates
  • Incomplete = % of tasks that are not complete and are past their due time

Things to Note

  • If no tasks have been completed in 14 days, the widget will not appear in the Log Book.
  • If the location does not have Tasks, the widget will not appear in the Log Book.


Task Summary Email

All the information found in the widget will now be included in the daily summary email (just without the donut graph).



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