Request Time Off (Web)

Use Time Off to request vacation time or days that you need off. Before submitting a Time Off request to your employer, it's important to understand the difference between submitting Time Off and Availability.

Time Off: Use Time Off to request vacation time or ask your manager for specific days you need to take off.

Availability: Use this to communicate to your manager which days of the week, and times of the day, you prefer not to work. This could be due to school, other jobs, or other commitments. Learn more about Availability here.


📱 Are you currently using the mobile app? Click here instead to learn how to request Time Off from the mobile app.

How to submit a Time Off request on the web app

1. First, go to 'Time Off' in the left navigation bar and click on the green ' + Request time off ' button.


 2. Select the dates you are requesting off. Your Manager may require you to leave a comment to explain why you need this time away from work.

⚠️ If your manager has enabled PTO or SPTO, these options will be available via a dropdown menu.


3. Next, click on 'Submit.' 

Once you submit your Time Off request, it is sent to your Manager for approval. Depending on your notification settings, you'll be notified by email, SMS/push notification, or both after your Manager approves or declines your request. Until then, your request is marked as 'Pending.'

To view Approved, Declined, or Pending requests, use the dropdown menu to filter:


4. To edit or delete the request, click on the three vertical dots to the right:


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