7shifts 101 for Employees (Web)

đź‘‹Welcome to 7shifts! 

If you are an Employee who is new to 7shifts, here is a general checklist to help you get started on the web app at app.7shifts.com.

📱 Are you using a mobile device? Follow this guide instead.

Step 1: Log in and confirm your contact information

Step 2: Submit your availability

Step 3: Request time off

Step 4: Check your schedule

Step 5: Give away a shift

Step 6: Take on extra shifts

Step 7: Review how to trade / swap shifts

Step 8: Set your notification preferences

Do you have more than one employer that uses 7shifts?  Click here to learn how to switch between multiple accounts.

7shifts' free mobile app will allow you to access your schedule anytime, anywhere. You'll also be able to easily swap upcoming shifts, communicate with your team, and submit availability and time-off requests.

If you don't have the mobile app yet, feel free to click on either of the links below:

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