Appear or Hide Someone from the Schedule

To increase their involvement, you can assign a Manager, Assistant Manager, or Employee to additional Locations and Departments beyond their regular assignments (where they may not necessarily be scheduled).

If you would like to hide them from a specific Department's Schedule, but still give them access to view and edit that Schedule, you can set them to appear/not appear under the Department.

As an Admin, you can also hide yourself from the Schedule(s) within your account.

Hiding a staff member from the Schedule

To set them to appear / not appear under a Department's Schedule:
    1. Find their Employee profile by going to Team > Employees:

      mceclip0 (41).png

    2. Select their name and head to the Assignments tab.

    3. Uncheck the Appear on schedule box.

      4. Be sure to hit 
      Save to complete these changes.

Hiding an Admin from the Schedule

As an Admin, there are two ways to hide your user profile from the Schedule in the account.

⚠️ Admins can only update this for their own individual user profiles.

To hide your user profile from the Employee page, contact page, and all Schedules:

    1. In the left navigation bar, head to Settings > My Account.

    2. Uncheck the Appear as Employee box > Save : Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 4.57.37 PM.png

To hide an Admin (yourself) from a particular Department Schedule:

  1. Find your Employee profile by heading over to Team.

  2. Select your name and head to the Assignments tab.

  3.  Uncheck the Appear on schedule box:

  4. Click Save
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