Mobile Dashboard: Sales vs. Labor

Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers will see the Mobile Manager Dashboard as the first screen when they log into the 7shifts mobile app.

The Dashboard includes a graph of projected and actual sales & labor pulled from your schedule, time clocking system and POS, providing a snapshot of operating costs and helping with schedule adjustments to control labor costs.



Sales vs. Labor Dashboard
Sales Performance - See how you're tracking
⚠️ Actual labor numbers will only be available for accounts that use 7punches or have a POS integration with Actual Labor enabled.
⚠️ Managers and Assistant Managers must have enabled the 'Can manage schedules' Manager Permission in order to view the Manager Mobile Dashboard. They also can only see data for the Locations they are assigned to. Read more about Manager Permissions here.

Sales vs. Labor Dashboard

On the Manager Dashboard, you will see a graph of your Actual Sales & Actual Labor pulled in from your POS or 7punches.

1. Navigating between days and Locations:

Tap on the '<' and '>' icons to move forward/backward a day, or tap on the 'Calendar' icon to select a specific date.


If you have access to multiple Locations in your account, tap on the Location's name or the location pin icon to toggle between Locations.


2. Hourly snapshot:

Use the 'Hourly' tab to take a deeper look at the hourly performance of your actual sales and actual labor. Tap on any hour within the graph to see data for that specific hour. 


While viewing the 'Hourly' graph, you can see how your sales and labor are trending throughout the day by scrolling left or right.


3. Hourly or Daily totals:

Whether you are viewing the 'Hourly' or 'Daily' tabs, you will be able to see metrics for your restaurant below the graph.


These metrics include:

  • Actual sales vs. Projected sales
  • Progress bar for your actual sales and the percentage that they’re on track for the (daily or hourly) sales projections
  • Actual labor costs vs. Scheduled labor costs
  • Actual Labor %
  • SPLH (Sales Per Labor Hour)
  • Comparisons to the same day, last week
⚠️ Please note, the frequency your sales or labor data will update will depend on your POS integration. However, 7punches users will see their labor data update in real-time.

View Sales Performance 

You can also expand the Sales Performance card to get a snapshot of your daily sales progress based on the last sync time from your POS.

⚠️ This feature may require an upgrade from your existing plan.

On either the ‘Hourly’ or ‘Daily’ tabs, click “View Sales Performance” to expand the card and gain further insight into your sales targets.


In the daily tab, you will be able to see how you are performing up to the current hour as well as where you are at relative to your daily projections.

The dotted orange line indicates where your sales should be at the current hour based on your original projections that were generated with 7shifts’ forecasting system.


Note: 7shifts’ forecasting system is composed of separate algorithms that takes into account short-term, mid-term, and long-term trends. Through machine learning (AI), your Projected Sales will become smarter over time with more data.

The solid orange line indicates your current sales, based on your last POS sync time. You can easily see the difference between your current sales and your hourly sales projection, as well as the difference between your current sales and your daily sales projection.



The solid grey line indicates your adjusted daily sales projection, based on your current sales performance.




You can use the date selector in the top of your screen to view your performance for a date in the past or view your projected sales performance for a future date.


In the hourly view you will be able to see how you are progressing towards your sales targets for that specific hour.



Click here to learn more about the 'Who's Working' sections on the Manager Mobile Dashboard.
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