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Individual chats & custom group chats
Group messaging by Location, Department, and Role
Roster Talk - Group messaging by schedule



Announcements are a one way communication from your Manager. Think of them as posts on a bulletin/notice board that cannot be replied to.

You can view Announcements for any Location, Department, or Role group that you belong to.

1. To view Announcements, tap the chat bubble iconScreenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.49.21 AM.pngin the menu bar.


2. You'll see the option to toggle between Messages or Announcements. Tap on the Announcements tab to view them. 


3. The most recent Announcement will be at the top of the list, and any unread announcements will have a red indicator on the left-hand side. Click on the Announcement to expand its details.


4. Here you'll see the full Announcement and be able to open any attachments if they had been included.




Messaging and Chats are a back and forth communication tool to allow you to communicate with your managers and coworkers.

With Messaging you can:

  • View messages for any Location, Department, or Role group that you belong to.
  • Message specific people, or create custom groups.
  • Message coworkers by day/shift they are scheduled (Roster Talk).

1. To view Messages and Chats, tap on the chat bubble icon Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.49.21 AM.png in the menu bar.

2. Tap on a specific message or chat to view the conversation.



3. From here, you'll be able to read or respond to any messages in the conversation.


Effectively convey your message by starting a conversation and choosing from a range of actions:

iOS Android
How to send an emoji, GIF, or an attachment
To send an emoji, use the emojis that are available as a built-in feature with your device.

To send a GIF, click on the Screen_Shot_2022-10-01_at_3.08.25_PM.png icon and use the search bar to type in a keyword related to the GIF you would like to send. Select 'Send'  to add it to your chat:


To send an attachment, click on the Screen_Shot_2022-11-11_at_6.09.22_PM.png plus icon, and you will have the option to: pick an image from your Photos, attach a file, or take a photo with your camera. Once you have selected your attachment, click the orange arrow button to send it:


How to send Reactions 
To add a reaction, long press on a message, and select an icon from the preset menu:


If someone has added a reaction, you can tap on it to add the same one for yourself:


Or, you can add a different reaction, by clicking on the emoji icon (that reveals itself once a reaction has been added to the message) and selecting a new one from the preset menu:


To see who has reacted to a message, long press on the message and select 'Reactions' from the dropdown menu. Or, click on the emoji icon on the message, and select 'Reactions':


This will reveal the user(s) who has reacted and the emoji they selected:


To remove a reaction, click on your reaction and it will disappear. Or, long press on the message and click on the reaction again to remove it.

How to comment in a Thread
Comment on a message to start a thread:

Long press on the message > tap on Comment in thread > begin typing your response > click the paper plane icon to send it:

To continue a thread, tap on 'x' comments: 


From within a thread, long press on a message to react, copy, report, or delete a comment:



  • Depending on the user's notification settings, all participants within a thread will receive an email or SMS notification once a comment has been added.
How to Delete a message 
Messages that are deleted will be replaced with: "This message was deleted."


To delete a message,
long press on the message, and select 'Delete message':


⚠️It isn't possible to delete a message from a user-level type above you (i.e: an Assistant Manager cannot delete a message from a Manager).

Alternatively, users can choose to report the message. To do this, long press on the message, select 'Report Message', click and add any notes/comments before sending it:

How to Archive a chat

When you archive a chat, it will remove it from your view. 

Open the chat, and click on the user names at the top of your screen:


Select Archive Chat:


If you wish to unarchive a chat, you can start a chat with the same users to retrieve the same conversation.

Individual & Custom group chats

1. To create a new custom group chat, tap the orange Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_10.55.14_AM.png button, then select 'New Chat.'


2. Select 'New Direct Message' and select the recipients of your message:


3. To start a chat, tap on the names of the recipient(s), or type their name(s) in the search bar:

4. You can send your first message right away. Messages can include other media attachments such as images or gifs.



5. From within a chat, tap the chat name at the top to open the chat settings.


Under the chat settings, you will be able to:

  • Re-name the group chat
  • Mute the notifications
  • Add people to the chat
  • Archive the chat - archiving a chat will remove it from your Recents list. It will come back when someone in the chat sends a new message. 
  • Leave the chat - will remove you from the chat 


Group messaging by Location, Department, and Role

1. To view posts within Group Chats, tap on the chat bubble icon Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.49.21 AM.png in the menu bar.


2. Tap on a specific group to view the posts and conversations within the group.

Groups exist for each Location, Department or Role, and you are auto-assigned to these groups based on how your employer has set up your profile in the account. 



3. From here, you'll be able to read or respond to any posts made to the group.


4. Tap on the Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_10.55.14_AM.png button and select 'New Chanel Message' to send a message to message everyone in a Location, Department, or Role group. 


5. Next, select the Location, Department or Role group that you want to message. The options you will see are based on how your employer has set up your profile in the account. 


6. From here, you can make a post and include other media such as an image. Posts made here will be visible to all members of the selected group.


Roster Talk Chats

Roster talk allows you to send a group message to everyone who is scheduled to work on a specific day. This is a great option if you have information to share that's not relevant to coworkers who are not working that same day. 

1. To get started, tap on the Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_10.55.14_AM.pngbutton and select 'New Direct Message':

You can choose which timeframe to target.

Then, specify by Location, Department, and Role that the message should go to.


4. You can message multiple groups in the same message by selecting another target roster (ie: Location, Department, or Role schedule in a specific timeframe).

Tap on 'Next' when you're ready to compose and send your message.


The Message can include other media attachments such as images or gifs.


Tips for Roster Talk:

  • Individual employees can be added to the Roster Talk as well.
  • Employees will only be able to message within Locations, Departments, and Roles they are assigned to.
  • 'Today' is considered a shift that falls within any Hours of Operation for the Location.
  • Only employees with published shifts will be included in the chat; unpublished shifts will not be recognized in the Roster Talk targets.
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