Manager Log Book (Mobile)

Admins, Managers, and Assistant Managers will be able to access the Manager Log Book on the mobile app. 

⚠️ In order to use the Manager Log Book on the 7shifts mobile app, you need to have categories created first. Click here to find out more.

Accessing the Manager Log Book on the mobile app.

    1. Tap the clipboard icon on the bottom menu bar: 

    2. Scroll through to the categories within the Manager Log Book and the entries for the day:

      Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 3.21.10 PM.png

    3. Tap into a category to expand its details:
      Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 3.23.01 PM.png
    4. Add an entry by tapping on Create new entry (or, tap the '+' sign at the top right):

      ⚠️ Please note:
      • Drafts of your entries cannot be saved. Ensure you post your message before leaving the Manager Log Book Page.
      • Your Admin can create new categories on the web app. If you think you need additional categories, please reach out to your Admin.
    5. To delete an entry, tap and hold on the message > select Delete
      ❗️If deleting a Log book post, please note:
      • Employee Performance Log posts are permanent and cannot be deleted.
      • Admins can remove posts made by themselves or other user types at any time.
      • Manager and Assistant Managers can delete their own posts by default but need the "Can delete logbook posts" permission to remove posts by other users.
      • Even with the 'Can delete logbook posts' permission, Managers or Assistant Managers can only remove posts made by users with a lower level in the hierarchy (e.g., a Manager can delete an Assistant Manager's post, but not vice versa or with Admins).
    6. To send the day-end Logbook summary, tap the Send icon at the top right of your screen:

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