Hiring - Admins & Managers

The Hiring feature allows you to simplify and centralize your hiring processes. Publish your Job Postings, share the links, and review applicants who can meet your specific business needs. Set up alerts for when these candidates apply to Roles you are looking to fill.

Accessing the Hiring feature
Creating a Job Posting
Managing your Job Postings
Viewing & managing candidate profiles

Accessing the Hiring feature

1. The Hiring feature is enabled by default for all accounts. However, if an Admin wishes to change this, they can do so by going to the left navigation bar > Add-ons > Hiring.


When Hiring is enabled, Admins and Managers can access it, from the web app, under the Hiring tab:
From there, you can create Job Postings for the Roles you are hiring for. You can also keep track of and take notes on the candidates that have applied to your existing Job Posts.
⚠️ Admins will automatically have access to this tool, however, Managers / Assistant Managers will require some or all of the following Manager Permissions before they can access the Hiring feature:

Can view hiring (required), Can create and manage job postings, Can add manager notes

Creating a Job Posting

Follow the steps below as many times as you need to create new job postings and fill your positions!

1. Go to Hiring.

2. Click on Add a Job Posting:

3. Use the drop-down menus to select the Role, Location, and Job Type (Full-time / Part-time) needed. Enter your Location's name and address so your pool of candidates can know where you are located.

4. Under the Hourly Wage field you can provide candidates with an 'Exact Wage' or a 'Range' of wages that the position offers.


5. Under the Job description field you can provide candidates more details about the position and your business.

6. You can add custom screening questions, with the option for candidates to either select Yes/No or provide a written response.

7. You can also check the Notifications setting if you would like to receive email notifications when someone applies to this Job Posting.

⚠️ Please note :

  • For each separate Role and availability, you will need to set up an individual alert. 
  • The user who created Job Posting will be the only one who will receive these email notifications. 
    • If the user becomes inactive, then the notifications will go out to all Admins.
    • If "Notify me when someone applies for this job" is unchecked and the user is still active, no one will receive the notification. Admins/Managers need to log into the web app to view any new applications.
  • If a Job Posting is edited and reposted, the user who made the changes will be the only person to receive these email notifications going forward.

8. When finished, click on Post Job to make your Job Post live.

Alternatively, you can select 'Save as draft' instead if you'd like to post your Job Posting later.

9. After selecting 'Post Job' you will see the following window pop up:

Now that your post is live:
  • You can share it using the custom link provided.
  • You can click on the application icons to share the Job Posting link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • It will automatically be available to Google's search engine and Jobcase so that job seekers will also see your posting when searching for jobs near them.
  • You can loop in your team right away by clicking on the Share with Employees button. This will help you quickly create an Announcement within 7shifts that includes the link to your new Job Posting.


The logo on the Job Post is linked to your company logo. To add or update a logo, head to your Company’s Settings. Here's an example of what the Job Post's public link will look like for those applying:


When candidates apply to the Job Postings you've created, they are required to fill out their availability for when they can work before their application will appear to you in 7shifts.

Managing your Job Postings

1. Head to  Hiring > Job Postings to view your current Job Postings. You can filter your posts by Location and Role, and sort your view further using the options below.


2. On the Job Post dashboard, you can do a few things to manage your Job Postings:

  • Click on '+ Add a Job Posting' to create more
  • Click on '# Candidates' (highlighted in blue) to view any current candidate profiles
  • Click on 'Share' (highlighted in blue) to access and share the post's unique application link
  • View the status of a post, whether it's in 'Draft' mode, 'Active', or 'Inactive'
  • Select the 'Pencil' icon to edit it
  • Select the 'More' icon to, view, deactivate, reactivate it, or delete

⚠️ Managers / Assistant Managers will require the Manager Permission 'Can create and manage job postings' for the ability to create or make changes to any Job Posts.

3. If you click on the 'More' icon you will see the following options:

  • View job posting - To view the details in the post that candidates will see.
  • Duplicate job posting - To make a copy of an existing Job Post. This will allow you to use one of your posts as a template and set up another one more quickly. You can then edit this new Job Post as much as you would like to better suit your needs.
  • Deactivate job posting - This will remove the post so that candidates will no longer be able to apply for this job via 7shifts. However, you’ll still be able to view applications from candidates who have already applied. This can be used when you're no longer looking to fill that position but may start hiring again sometime in the future.
⚠️ Inactive posts can still be edited or reactivated at any time. You can reactivate it by clicking on the 'More' icon and choosing 'Activate job posting.'

When Job Postings are reactivated, they will be freshly indexed through Google for increased candidate discovery.
  • Delete - This will delete the Job Post permanently so that candidates will no longer be able to apply for this job via 7shifts. 
❗️If 'Delete' is selected, all candidates/applications for this Job Post will be permanently deleted as well.

4. If you click on the 'Pencil' icon, this will allow you to make any desired updates to your post. You can make changes to Job Postings regardless of their status (Active, Inactive, or Daft).

While editing a Job Posting, you can choose to enable/disable email notifications for the post at the bottom of the page. Going forward, these alerts will only get directed to the last person that edited and saved this Job Posting.

⚠️ Be sure to click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page after making any changes.

Viewing & managing candidate profiles

When job seekers apply to your Job Postings, here is where you can view the applications of these candidates to see if they match your needs! While viewing a candidate's profile, there are a few things that you can do as you go through the screening and interviewing process.

1. Head to Hiring, and under the Candidates tab is where you can view your Job Post's applicants. You can change your view by using the Job Posting and application status filter dropdowns.

 If you have multiple candidates that applied for the same Job Posting, you can easily switch between their applications here by clicking on their name.

From there, you can view things such as their contact information, previous work experience, availability, and responses to any other screening questions you may have created for the Job Posting.

4. Near the bottom of the applicant's profile is where your team can make any notes about them if needed. These notes will be visible to any Admin or Manager assigned to that Location but can be only be deleted by the user who posted them.

⚠️ Managers / Assistant Managers will require the Manager Permission 'Can add manager notes' for the ability to make posts in the Manager Notes section.

5. You can click on the star of an applicant’s profile to mark them as a favorite candidate. This helps easily identify to other Admins and Managers which candidates are your favorites and you can see who favorited other candidates by hovering your mouse over the star.

You can also use the 'Show favorites only' toggle to quickly filter/display only the favorites for this Job Post.

As you go through the screening and interviewing process, you can update the applicant's status by clicking on the 'Status' dropdown on the far right. 

If you select the 'Hired' status option, you'll be given the option to create them as a new employee within 7shifts.
⚠️ Choosing 'Hired' will not also close / remove this Job Posting. The Job Post will need to be deactivated or deleted separately if your team desires to no longer have it posted.
⚠️ Please note that you may still need to request documents (such as a resume) from any potential hires directly, as 7shifts does not yet support the ability to upload resumes, certificates, or any other documents.
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