Cancel your Company Account

⚠️ To cancel your Account, we may require that you verify yourself as the Admin and Account holder. This verification step protects you and account-sensitive information from any potential malicious activity against your Account.

If you fail to verify yourself, the Account will not be cancelled.

⚠️ If the Admin is no longer with the company, we require a quick phone call to confirm the billing and credit card details on your account.

⚠️ If you are on a free trial, your account will expire automatically at the end of your trial period. Cancellation is not required if the account is still on trial. Reach out to your Admin to verify your login credentials.

⚠️ We do not offer seasonal holds. Instead, you can cancel your subscription while your business is closed and reactivate once opened again.

Book a Call to Cancel

    1. While you're signed in to your account at, click on the support chat icon in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

    3. When the chat window opens, send a message requesting to cancel your account:

      ⚠️ If you are not the Admin of the account or are unsure if you are, our team will be able to assist in notifying the existing Admin about your request. However, only an Admin can authorize billing-related changes.

    4. Confirm whether you'd like to (a) close a single location, or (b) cancel your entire account:

    5. Please select the timezone closest to yours to schedule a call:

    6. Click Select a Date & Time.

    7. Choose a time that best suits you > click Next.

    8.  Enter your contact details > click Schedule Event.

    9. From there, an Account Specialist will reach out to you to finalize your request. This includes verifying the Account, backing up your data, and confirming the effective date of cancellation.

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