Submit your Availability (Mobile)

Before submitting your Availability to your employer, it's important to understand the difference between submitting Availability and Time Off.

Availability:  Use Availability to communicate to your manager which times in the day, or days of the week you can't work because of a conflict. This could be due to school, other jobs, or other commitments.

Time Off:  Use Time Off to request vacation time or ask your manager for specific days you need to take off. Click here to learn more about Time Off. 

When submitting your Availability, there are 2 kinds:
  • Repeating Availability - Will carry over indefinitely until it's removed or a change is made. Use this to note what your availability typically looks like throughout the year.
  • Weekly Availability - If you already have set up your Repeating Availability, Weekly Availability will override what your Availability is for a specific time span. For example, this could be for holidays or breaks from classes during a semester of school. Once the Weekly Availability period is over, your Availability will default back to your Repeating Availability.

How to submit your Availability:

1. Tap on the more menu ' ☰ ' in the bottom right hand corner.

 2. Select 'Availability.'

3. Tap the '+' button in the bottom right corner.

4. Select if you are submitting either Repeating or Weekly Availability.

If updating Weekly Availability: 

  • From - The start day of the first week you want the request to apply to
  • To - The last day of the last week you want the request to apply to
⚠️ If you are unable to select Weekly Availability, it means that your employer has not enabled this option.

5. Tap on each individual weekday to indicate your availability for each specific day. 

Your options are:

  • Available - Choose this option if you are available at any time
  • Available from - Choose this option to set the time of day you are available
  • Not available - Choose this option if you are not available at any time
  • Not available from - Choose this option to set the time of day you are not available

6. You can also include comments for your manager at the bottom.

7. When finished, tap on 'Save' in the top right corner to submit your Availability to your manager.


⚠️ After you hit 'Save', your manager will be notified of your Availability request. You will be notified via email or mobile SMS/push notification when the request is approved or declined.

8. The status of your Availablity requests will be visible on the Availability tab.

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