How to Pick Up Extra Shifts (Web)

Want to pick up extra shifts? You can see what extra shifts are available to take in the Shift Pool.

📱 Currently using 7shifts from the mobile app? See the steps to  Pick Up Extra Shifts on the mobile app instead.
Here's how to see what shifts are up for grabs on the web app:

1. To see the shifts that are available for picking up, go to the Shift Pool > Up for grabs.

2. From there, click on the 'Bid on shift' button to place a bid on the shift. This will notify your Manager about your request to take this shift.

⚠️Remember that multiple employees can bid on one shift, and your manager decides whom to assign it to. You'll get an SMS / push notification or an email notification if you are assigned the shift.

If you do not receive a notification that your bid was approved/denied or you no longer see the shift in the Shift Pool, then the shift has likely been assigned to someone else or simply isn’t available anymore.
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