7shifts Webinar


Explore and learn more about these helpful tools

Third-Party Integrations -  Streamline your operations and leverage your data

7tasks - Task management tools to stay organized and maintain accountability

Announcements & Messaging - Communication tools to stay informed and connected

Shift Pool - How employees can drop, pick up, or trade shifts

Scheduling - Tools to quickly and efficiently create schedules

Weekly Budgeting Tool - Labor budgeting and forecasting

Employee Health Check - Health screening for 7punches users

If you're interested,  we offer a free 45-60 minute webinar (every Tuesdays and Thursdays) that covers:

  • Employee Management within 7shifts
  • Reviewing and approving availability, time off and shift pool requests
  • Creating and publishing articles
  • Key features including the Dashboard, Communication Tools, Manager Log Book, Reporting and more!

Questions are answered live on throughout the call and optional Q&A to conclude the webinar.

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