Creating & Managing Events (Mobile)

Here's how to view, edit, or add new Events via the 7shifts mobile app:

1. Under the more menu ' ☰ ', Tap on 'Events.' 

2. Next, tap 'ADD' in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Enter the Event information and tap 'SAVE.'


Once you tap on 'SAVE', the Event is now visible to you and all Employees at that Location. 

4. Any day with an Event will show a green indicator dot. Tap on the day to view and edit the Events.

5. Your Events will also be visible on the Schedule tab, just under the date and day of the week.

6. Tap on an Event to view the details or edit it.

⚠️Only Admins or Managers / Assistant Managers with the 'Can manage events' permission will be able to manage Events.
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