Closing Timesheets and Pay Periods

Before you can close your Pay Period or run payroll, you'll need to ensure that you've properly approved all punches and closed your Timesheet.


⚠️Please note that Timesheets can be closed by Managers, per Location, from within the Pay Period. However, the entire Pay Period still will remain open until it is closed by the Admin.

Closing the Timesheet

1. Head to the 'Time Clocking' tab at the top of the screen, then select the appropriate Pay Period.

⚠️Your Pay Period will appear as 'Open' until an Admin closes the Pay Period (even if all the Timesheets are closed by a Manager).

2. From there, review and 'Approve' or 'Modify' any unapproved punches, or choose to 'Approve All.'

3. For multi-Location users, you can also choose to sort by Location and approve punches by Location.

Closing the Pay Period

1. As an Admin, head to the 'Location' drop down menu in the Pay Period and select 'All.' 

2. Next, at the top right corner of the screen, click 'Close all Timesheets.'

3. Your Pay Period will now appear as Closed. However, it can be reopened at any time, if needed.

Learn more about Locking your Pay Period to prevent any edits before it's payroll time!

⚠️If you are using one of our available payroll integrations or exports, click here to find your provider and the next steps for processing payroll.

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