Auto-Scheduler (Beta)

The Auto-Scheduler feature uses state-of-the-art machine learning to create Schedules for you on demand!


With the Auto-Scheduler you will be able to:

Automatically create labor-optimal Schedules with 95% accuracy.

Eliminate time spent on scheduling by creating your weekly staff Schedules in just one click

Factor in availability, overtime, skill level and preferred hours to Schedules, meaning happier, more engaged staff.

Tweak sales projections for one-off events to ensure accurate labor requirements.

Account for seasonality and regional labor regulations in Schedules to ensure labor accuracy.

Setting up your Company and Location Settings
Setting your Labor Targets
Creating Schedules with Auto-Scheduler
⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.
⚠️ In order to use the Auto-Scheduler, you will need:

  • 8-10 weeks of previously published schedules. 
  • A POS integration with Actual Sales data and 10 weeks of 7shifts created sales projections.
  • Wages entered for all employees.

Company and Location Settings

Before diving into the Auto-Scheduling feature, you'll need to ensure you've customized a few settings:

1. To activate this feature, get in touch with our Support team.

2. Once enabled for you, head to the navigation bar > select Settings Company Settings > Labor & Compliance:

3. Under Overtime set these values to ensure that the Auto-Scheduler keeps your employees within the overtime limits whenever possible.

⚠️ If you would prefer not to use the 'Overtime' values, simply clear the values from each box you would like to ignore.

4. Be sure to click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

5. Next, head to the navigation bar > select Settings > Company Settings > Auto-Scheduler:

6. Configure your Auto-Scheduler's settings by updating the following:

  • Sales Interval: This will determine the interval in which your sales projections can be edited.
  • Shift Length: This will determine the minimum and maximum hour lengths for shifts.
  • Maximum consecutive working days: Set this value to limit the max number of consecutive days an employee can work.

7. Remember to click Save.

8. Next, head to Locations/Departments/Roles > Locations and click on the specific Location:

9. Under the Hours of Operation set up your open/close times for your Location.

These values should be based on the very first and last minutes of the day that staff will be in the building. This will ensure that the open and close shifts begin and end at the right time.

9. Lastly, ensure you click 'Save.'

Next up is setting up your Labor Targets

Setting Labor Targets

Before proceeding to build your schedule via the Auto-Scheduler, you'll need to set the Labor Targets for each Location.

1. Head to the Schedule page > the tools icon > Optimal Labor:


2. Now, click the Set Target button next to the specific Location you would like to update:

3. Lastly, set the specific Labor Target for each Department within the Location and click on 'Save.' 

The Labor Target is the percentage (%) of your Projected Sales that you would like to spend on labor.

⚠️ You can go back and update these anytime, however it may take the Auto-Scheduler up to 24 hours to re-calculate optimal labor after adjusting the Labor Targets. (This includes the first time you set them.)

With your Labor Targets set, you're now ready to create shifts using the Auto-Scheduler!

Creating Schedules

Once you've taken care of the settings above, you're all set to use the Auto-Scheduler and create your Schedule.

1. Head to the Schedules page and select the Location and Department you'd like to Schedule from the dropdown:

2. Click on the Auto-Scheduler magic wand icon:

3. From there, choose to either 'Assign the shifts to employees' or 'Create as open shifts' before clicking 'Continue.'

4. Next, you can quickly review your Projected Sales for the week which will help forecast how many shifts your Schedule will need. If you'd like to modify the hourly sales projections, select 'Show Details', then click the 'pencil' icon next to any value you would like to edit.

Target multiple cells by holding down on your mouse and dragging your cursor to highlight them.

While editing these values, you can choose to add a New Value, % Offset, or $ Offset.

5. Click Generate Schedule to create the Schedule.

The Auto-Scheduler will calculate the optimal Schedule based on your past Schedule data.

Success! Your Schedule is ready. 

You can choose to publish as-is or make any modifications you'd like first. Simply click on 'Review your schedule.'

⚠️ You will also be notified if certain shifts were unable to be filled. These unassigned shifts will be under the 'Open Shifts' section at the top of your Schedule to review.
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