Updating Credit Card Information

If you need to make a change to your credit card information, you can do this directly from the web app as long as you are an Admin for the account.

⚠️Billing-related changes are not accessible from the mobile app. Please ensure that you sign in, as an admin, from app.7shifts.com when making any billing updates. 
Here's how to update your billing information in 7shifts:

1. Navigate to the Billing page by hovering over the '7shifts' logo in the top right and selecting 'Billing & Plans.'

2. From there, select 'Edit' beside your billing details.

3. Enter the billing details for your Location and click on 'Update Information' when finished.

4. After this, your billing information is updated and the next payment will be billed to this new card.

5. If you also need to update the email address that invoices will be sent to, click on the 'Edit' button under the 'Invoice Recipients' section.


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