4. Time Clocking

Explore how 7shifts can help you save money by managing your team's time and attendance. Use 7shfits as your single source of truth for labor management.

In this article, you'll learn how to enable Time Clocking and track your team's time punches with our time clocking app, 7punches, or directly through your POS system.
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  1. Set Up Time Clocking

    Time Clocking is included with all our plans! Simply head to Team > Start Time Clocking to begin the setup process:

  2. Configure Time Clocking Settings

    Take the time to configure your Time Clocking settings to control how your team will clock in/out. You can enforce rules around mandatory breaks, and overtime thresholds, and mitigate compliance risks with additional features.

    Getting Started: 7punches and Time Clocking

  3. Download 7punches

    7punches is a secure time-clocking app for your team. It tracks labor data and employee attendance, helping you spot variances, prevent time theft, and reduce labor costs.

    Employees can clock in, with an optional photo or geofencing to confirm their attendance. It keeps your restaurant labor compliant by tracking clock-ins, clock-outs, mandatory breaks, overtime risks, and more—all at your fingertips.

    How it works

    1. When your employees arrive for their shift, they'll use 7punches to clock in. Based on your settings, they can punch in on their mobile device, or on a tablet in the restaurant. 

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    2. With breaks enabled, your Managers will be alerted about upcoming breaks to ensure you stay compliant:


    3. Managers can approve and edit punches for faster payroll, stronger compliance records, and more precise reporting:

Download it here:

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