3. Scheduling and Communication

To optimize your daily operations, here are key features you'll want to begin mastering to start using 7shifts.

In this article, you'll learn about the basics: schedules, managing shift changes, and communication tools to keep your team up-to-date and engaged.

Let's set up your 7shifts Account! In this article, you'll learn how to configure your account settings and structure - the essential prep work. (9).png


    1. Creating and Publishing a Schedule

      Learn how to make a schedule using the web and mobile app:

      Creating & Publishing a Schedule in 7shifts (Web)
      Creating & Publishing a Schedule in 7shifts (Mobile)

    2. Time Off

      Understand the process for handling time off requests:

      Time Off 101 - Admins & Managers

    3. Availability

      Manage your team's availability and let your team communicate their preferred schedule:

      Availability 101

    4. Shift Pool

      The Shift Pool allows employees to request, swap, and pick up open shifts. It provides a centralized place for Managers and Employees to ensure shifts are covered, and reduce scheduling conflicts:

      Shift Pool Requests for Admins & Managers

    5. Communicate with Employees

      Messaging and Announcements keep your team informed and engaged:

      Messaging for Admins & Managers
      Announcements for Admins & Managers

      Pro tip! You can go to Announcements to send an email and/or SMS text message to all of your employees.  Announcements act as a bulletin board, sending a one-way form of communication to your employees. Here's an example template that you could send to your employees for the first time: 

      Hey everyone! 👋 Welcome to 7shifts — our new team management app.  This is how we will be sending out the schedule, so please ensure you download the free mobile app to get your shifts (https://7shifts.com/get-app/7shifts) .

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