What's New: July 2024

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Happy July!

Our team has been hard at work, enhancing the 7shifts experience and introducing new features. Discover the latest upgrades that will elevate your team management capabilities today.

Keep an eye on this page as it regularly gets updated with new and exciting developments!

Show/Hide info on the Schedule

Released July 11 - Web 

To maximize schedule space and view the information best suited for you, you can show or hide certain information/tools on the Schedule, including Employee Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and the Labor Budget Tool. Click on the 'Layout' icon Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 2.35.12 PM.pngto customize the visibility of the information most important to you.

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Revi POS


Looking to integrate with Revi POS? Once integrated, unleash a two-way sync between 7shifts and Revi that integrates employee information, clock-in/clock-out, breaks, and scheduling.

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Notification Center

Released July 8 - Web & Mobile - please ensure your mobile app is updated! 


All users can now review mobile (Push or SMS) notifications in the Notification Center on both web and mobile. This allows users to track recent updates received about schedule publishes, time off requests, availability requests, and shift pool requests (dependent on personal notification settings). 

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iOS Beta Program Compatibility

Please be advised that 7shifts does not support iOS beta releases. Using an iOS beta version may lead to service disruptions. For more information about Apple's beta program and instructions on how to remove it, please visit Apple's beta program page.

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Mobile Dashboard: Who's Working 

Released July 8 - Mobile - please ensure your mobile app is updated! 

The mobile Dashboard: Who's Working section has some exciting updates! This new experience was developed to improve visibility into the daily roster, increase efficiency in managing time punches, and make additional features more easily accessible. This is now available to all Admin, Manager. Please ensure that your app is updated with the latest version.

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