2. Add Your Staff

Let's add your team to 7shifts! 

This article will familiarize you with adding employee profiles to your Account. From there, we'll explore all the unique customizations you can make to individual profiles.

Let's set up your 7shifts Account! In this article, you'll learn how to configure your account settings and structure - the essential prep work. (7).png

What You'll Need

To make setup as smooth as possible, here are the things you'll want to have available: 

  • Valid email addresses. Invitations are sent via email to the addresses provided and are required for them to access their 7shifts Account successfully.

  • Proper Locations/Departments/Roles set up for the Account, so you can easily assign them to each employee.

Add Your Team

You'll be sending invites to your team so they can join the Account. This can be done in four ways:

Untitled design - 2024-07-08T115801.391.png Add employees from the Quick Start guide. Only available upon Account setup.

Untitled design - 2024-07-08T120131.650.png Add employees from the Import tool.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 12.02.15 PM.png Add employees from the Schedule page.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 12.54.58 PM.png Add employees from the Team page.

Customize Employee Profiles

An employee profile contains personal and work-related information for each team member. This includes contact details, employment, assignments, wages/payments, time off, documents, performance, permissions, and scheduling notes.

  1. User Types

    User types have a level of hierarchy to help organize your team by defining roles and responsibilities within 7shifts. This structure ensures clear reporting lines and helps manage permissions (user access to a feature). User types in 7shifts include Admin, Manager, Assistant Manager, and Employee.

    Levels of Hierarchy in 7shifts - User Types

    User Access Levels in 7shifts

  2. Assignments and Permissions

    Each user type has different permissions/access that determines what they can see and do within 7shifts.

    Updating Employee Profiles and Assignments in 7shifts

    Admin Visibility in 7shifts- Appear on Schedule/as Employee

    Hourly Wages and Salaries Overview

  3. Send Invites

    Invite your team to join 7shifts. As you create employee profiles, invitations can be sent during or after the process by enabling/disabling Invite employee to 7shifts:

    Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 3.21.14 PM.png

    Invitations are sent via email, and allow employees to access their profiles and start setting up with 7shifts.

    Inviting Employees to 7shifts
    Why is my Employee not receiving their invite?

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