3. Build Your Payout Structure


Before you begin sending tips, it's crucial not to overlook the organization of your Account structure. By reviewing and updating your Account information, you're doing more than just housekeeping, you're customizing 7shifts to align perfectly with how you want tips calculated. This includes defining your tip formula, choosing a distribution method, and ensuring that all employee details are up-to-date. 

Review Your Account Setup Checklist

We rely on the data and configurations you have set to ensure the accurate and seamless flow of tip information across your 7shifts account. Review this checklist to make sure your Account setup is complete.

  • View employees and their invitation statuses. Head to the Employee tab on your Tip Dashboard to see which Employees have/haven't finished onboarding. Only Employees who have accepted their invite can be included in a payout. 
  • Mapped POS Integration Roles & Employees. Only needed if you have a POS integration that is syncing labor and sales data (e.g. credit card tips) from the POS. This ensures your employee's data is propagated to the features listed below.
  • Time Clocking. Your settings will determine how an employee's worked hours are recorded, and which features your team can access.
  • Tip Pooling. (optional) The tip pooling rules you've defined, that is how tips are contributed and distributed, will determine the tips each  Employee will receive from all sources.

Configure Your Tip Calculation

These settings directly influence the tip calculation process and ensure that each employee receives the correct amount based on your criteria. 

Next Steps

To see this in action, check out our Tip Payouts Overview video!

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