Integrating Your POS with 7shifts

Integrating your POS with 7shifts can significantly increase operational efficiency by consolidating all your essential data in one place. Stay ahead of your team management needs and maximize the benefits of sales and labor data tracking for your restaurant.

⚠️ Prerequisites

⚠️ Integration settings can only be set up and managed by the Admin of the Account. For more questions about the set up process, please reach out to them directly.

⚠️ Integration and Time Clocking settings are currently only supported on the web app.

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POS Integrations

What's the Difference?

Sales Integrations involve optimizing sales-related processes like sales forecast (e.g., SPLH), Operations Overview, Tip Pooling by sales, and more. Here are POS integrations that only support sales data:

Lightspeed POS (K-series)
Silverware POS
Clover POS

Labor Integrations cover any aspect where you'd like to track and manage employee work hours. They are vital for monitoring workforce productivity, scheduling, and payroll management. To get started, determine whether your Employees will be punching in from your POS system, or directly with 7punches.

Pro Tip! If your POS system doesn't support a way for you to track labor data, look no further with 7punches (complimentary with your 7shifts account)!

Keep track of your teams' time and attendance with our integrated time clocking app that you can use anywhere. 7punches is your central hub for labor data and is a convenient solution for accurately recording worked hours. By using 7punches, you establish a reliable source of truth that seamlessly integrates with the 7shifts ecosystem (such as reports, tip pooling, payroll processing, and tip payouts).

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Key Benefits

Integrating your POS with 7shifts unlocks the full potential of your systems, right at your fingertips!

Sales and Labour Insights Anywhere, Anytime

By syncing your POS data with 7shifts, you gain valuable insights into your sales and labor data, both on the web and through the mobile app. This level of granularity lets you identify peak hours, trends, and areas of improvement and allows you to optimize your operations. Empower your management team to make informed staffing decisions, optimize your labor percentage, and ensure that your team is aligned on business objectives.

Team Management with 7shifts' Time Clocking.

Monitor and accurately track employee hours, streamline payroll processes, and ensure compliance by adhering to local labor regulations. Comprehensive reporting provides you with the tools to maximize efficiency and make data-driven scheduling decisions.

Enhanced Mobile Functionality.

By using the mobile app, oversee your operations on the go! Managers can easily track who is clocked in, manage and approve time punches, and access other mobile-specific features tailored for Managers and Employees.

Pro Tip! Customers report seeing a significant improvement in managing time punches when using 7punches!

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Managers love it
because they can stay informed with access to Sales/Labor dashboards, offering valuable daily and hourly insights into the restaurant's performance. Additionally, Managers can view, edit, and approve punched directly in-app, providing a convenient way to manage employee labor data.

Employees love it because they enjoy more control over their time punches. A labor integration allows them to easily view their hours worked and declared tips within the app. With Employee Approval of Time Punches they can approve and dispute their hours - boosting the accountability of tracking work hours. Meanwhile, Tip Pooling further enhances their understanding of their compensation by offering a breakdown of their tips into earnings.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications.

Stay connected and informed with alerts tailored to you and your team's specific needs (we also send your Employees a reminder about upcoming shifts!). Whether it's scheduling conflicts, overtime alerts, or alerts for missed punches, 7shifts  keeps you in the loop so you can address issues proactively and keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Labor Data to Direct Pay.

Integrations lay the groundwork for unlocking additional features that save you time and money, such as automatic Tip Pooling and Tip Payouts, to help ensure fair distribution of tips/earnings among your team. Take it even further by syncing this information directly into 7shifts Payroll, or your payroll of choice.

Moreover, integrating your labor data that information into user-friendy reports like the Worked Hours and Wages report, Actuals report, Attendance report, Timesheet report, Punch Audit report, and more.

Pro Tip! The Variance Report is a customer favorite for restaurants looking to save money on labor costs. This report allows them to pinpoint discrepancies between scheduled versus worked hours, and identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

Steps to Integrate

Here's an overview of what the setup process will look like. Please note that steps can vary depending on whether you're tracking labor data from your POS system, or in 7shifts (using 7punches).

Once your integration setup is complete, you gain access to a range of customizable features within 7shift's Time Clocking settings:

        • Automatic overtime calculations.
        • Custom break settings.
        • Early clock-in prevention and manager overrides with Schedule Enforcement.
        • Sync employee information, keeping your Account up-to-date.
        • Payroll-ready exports and access to 7shifts Payroll or other supported payroll integrations.
        • Learn more about these settings here.
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