What's New: February 2024

2.jpgHappy February!

Our team has been hard at work, enhancing the 7shifts experience and introducing new features. Discover the latest upgrades that will elevate your team management capabilities today.

Keep an eye on this page as it regularly gets updated with new and exciting developments!

Employee Bulk Editing

Feb 1 - Web

We have removed the Bulk Edit option from the side navigation menu to streamline your workflow. Instead, you can exclusively access the Bulk Actions button for your editing needs. This adjustment was designed to simplify the editing process and make your interaction with the tool more efficient and user-friendly.

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Released February


Looking to integrate with DailyPay? Once integrated the integration will streamline user creation and reported shift earnings for precise calculation of their available balances as they punch in/out for their shifts.

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Time Clocking 

Released - Coming Soon!

The Time Clocking page is getting a new look! This new experience was developed to improve visibility, increase efficiency, and make additional features more easily accessible.

Want to revert to the original experience? As we transition to the new changes, you can temporarily click on Card View to revert your view:

In the coming weeks, these new experiences will be slowly rolling out to our users. During this time, you can expect to see the Time Clocking changes taking place in your Account and our Knowledge Base. As part of our commitment to maintaining quality improvements, we'd love to hear from you! Just click on the little blue icon at the bottom right of your screen to start a chat with us.

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Tip Payouts for Employees

Released February - Mobile

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 4.14.57 PM.pngmceclip0.png

Employees using 7shifts Tip Payouts will now see the reason why their Tip Payout failed, and what corresponding action they can take (either call their bank or update their debit card).

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