What's New: December 2023

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Welcome to December!

Our team has been hard at work, introducing and improving the 7shifts experience. Discover the latest enhancements that will elevate your team management capabilities. Keep an eye on this page as it consistently gets updated with new and exciting developments!

7shifts Payroll : Update Payment Method

Released Dec 4 - Mobile

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Similar to the web app experience, users can conveniently manage their payment information, directly on the mobile app.

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Identify Minors While Schedule Building

Released Dec 4 - Web & Mobile

In addition to the 18 indicator, employees that are under the age of 16 will also have an indicator next to their names! Managers can easily identify if local labor laws for minors need to be accomodated when building out the schedule. 

Employee profiles must contain date of birth in order for the indicator to show up.

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Employment Records: Hire & Termination Dates

Released Dec 7 - Web

With Employment History, capture your Employee's hire and termination dates. This addition facilitates payroll record-keeping, and provides clarity in distinguishing between deactivation and  termination processes.

Deactivation - refers to the suspension of an employee's account access. Click here to learn more about deactivating a profile. Once deactivated:

  • They will be locked out of their 7shifts account.
  • They won't receive further notifications from 7shifts.
  • Their contact, past punches and published shifts will remain for record-keeping purposes.
  • They can be reactivated at anytime from the Inactive page.
  • They will be excluded from Tip Pools and Tip Pooling reporting. Click here to learn more about this.

Termination - refers to the permanent ending of an employee's employment journey.

  • No pay will be attributed to the Employee for payroll after the termination date.
  • The selected date will be used for 7shifts Payroll purposes.

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7shifts Payroll: Benefits

Released Dec 7  - Web

Admins can manage and create new benefits  directly within an Employee's profile - allowing for easily customized deductions unique to each user!

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Performance Log in the Manager Log Book: Search

Dec 8 - Web & Mobile

Use the Manager Log Book to add and search for Performance Logs if you need to look back on historical entries.

Manager Log Book (Admins)
Manager Log Book (Managers)

Availability (Mobile)

Released Dec - Mobile

Availability on mobile has undergone a few visual enhancements! Users can anticipate the replacement of "Recurring" for "Repeating", and "Weekly" for "Temporary".

As your management team reviews availability requests, they can click on the request to expand more details about any changes, reasons, or comments. We'll also let them know if any existing availabilities overlap. Please note that you may be required to update your mobile app version for this new experience.

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Sort Employees

Coming Soon!

We're thrilled to bring you customizable employee sorting! Managing your team's schedule just got easier with the ability to sort employees alphabetically by first or last name, along with a custom sort option.

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Shift Notes

Released  Dec 15 - Web

We're excited to share the ability to effortlessly copy shift notes when copying schedules. Scheduling Managers can seamlessly replicate shift notes while copying schedules, eliminating the need for week-over-week manual entries.

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Paychex Flex

Released December - Web

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Looking to integrate with Paychex Flex? Through this integration, Employees in 7shifts are either created or updated based on corresponding data from a matching user in Paychex Flex. Payroll data from 7shifts is then used to generate checks for the respective Flex pay period.

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Released December - Web


Looking to integrate with DYNE? Through this integration, DYNE will recommed shifts, and automate the scheduling process using DYNE's customer demand intelligence. 

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