Tip Overview

⚠️ If you're using Tip Payouts to automatically send tips to your Employees, click here!

Tip Overview Setup Checklist

Before you get started, please review this checklist to make sure your Account setup is complete. We rely on the data and configurations you have set to ensure accurate tip information across your 7shifts account. Once this is finalized, we'll let you know the tip amount to pay your Employees. If enabled, automatically initiate the transfer right to their debit accounts with Tip Payouts!
  • Mapped POS Integration Roles & Employees. Only needed if you have a POS integration that is syncing labor and sales data (e.g. credit card tips) from the POS. This ensures your employee's data is propagated to the features listed below.
  • Time Clocking. Your settings will determine how an employee's worked hours are recorded, and which features your team can access.
  • Tip Pooling. (optional) The tip pooling rules you've defined, that is how tips are contributed and distributed, will determine the tips each  Employee will receive from all sources.
  • Tip Calculations. (optional) We'll use the equation you've set here to calculate the total value of paid and owed tips. This must be set to automatically sync tip data for a tip payout.
  • Tip Payouts.(optional) Digitally send tips and transfer funds directly to your Employee's debit cards. We'll populate the list of employees to be paid and the tip amounts they'll receive. You'll have the flexibility to edit the amounts deposited, or send them right away!
⚠️ Prerequisites

⚠️ All Managers/Assistant Managers have access to the Tip Overview.

⚠️ Sending tips to Employees from the Tip Overview is only available for Accounts with Tip Payouts enabled. Click here to learn more.

Certain features displayed below may require an upgrade from your existing plan.

The Tip Overview 

Welcome to your Tip Overview! Located under Tip Management > Overview.

The daily values you see here update in real-time to give you a snapshot of the live tip amounts earned by, paid to, and owed to your team:

Here are additional tools on the Tip Overview to help you manage your data:

Use the filters to narrow down your search results by location and pay period date:

Lock data.
As the Tip Overview is constantly syncing live data, use this button to freeze and prevent any tip data changes from impacting this payout. Once the pay period ends, we will automatically lock this data 3 days after the pay period has ended:

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 10.24.23 AM.png

Reopen the pay period. After locking a timesheet, you can reopen it to resync the pay period data. Any changes applied to your tip data (such as adjustments in tip pooling, labor or sales) after you locked the timesheet will also change your Tips Owed amounts.

⚠️ Reopening a timesheet is a permanent action that cannot be undone. You can always close it again, but you will permanently lose the values that you had if these values were to change.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 10.27.44 AM.png

Employee Tip Breakdown. Click on an Employee's tip information to expand the details of their tip breakdown:



Earned tips.

Employee's total tips earned for this pay period. Only visible when enabled for the Account, and determined by your configuration of Tip Calculations

Paid on shift.
The total amount of tips already paid to an employee outside of 7shifts for that pay period (e.g. cash tips that are taken home).

Paid on Tip Payouts.
The total amount of tips paid through Tip Payouts for that pay period.

Owed tips.
The outstanding tip total owed to the Employee that is being paid through Tip Payouts or Payroll. These are also tips that an employee has earned but not yet been paid. 

Owed Tips are calculated by:
= (.png

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