What's New: November 2023

image (19) (1).pngWe've been diligently working over the past month to add and enhance features in 7shifts. Here's a rundown of what's new! Explore the latest features that will elevate your team management capabilities today.

Shift Feedback Categories

Released Nov 1 - Web & Mobile

Shift Feedback just got a whole lot cooler! When Employees share their feedback about their shift, they can pick reasons that best capture their shift experience. Once submitted, Managers can then dive into the Shift Feedback Report that details those reasons and comments. And even further with the Shift Feedback Snapshot:

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7shifts Payroll: Employee Paystubs

Released Nov 1 -  Mobile

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For Accounts using 7shifts Payroll, Employees gain convenient access to their paystubs on the mobile app. They'll receive timely notifications about being paid, and paystub availability. The new "Pay History" menu item will detail a list all their historical paystubs for them to review.

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Shift Feedback: Manager Log Book  Email Summary

Released Nov 14 - Web 

The Manager Log Book Email Summary will now include a section dedicated for Shift Feedback. Managers and Admins who have opted in to receive the email will see the Employee who submitted the feedback, their rating, and comments. Check out the handy articles below to learn more about:

Manager Log Book for Admins (Web)

Manager Log Book for Managers (Web)

7shifts Payroll Settings: Employees

Nov 17 - Web

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Introducing our enhanced employee onboarding status feature, designed to streamline your payroll management. At a glance, check the current onboarding status of your employees, and gain valuable insights about which profiles are ready for payroll, blocked for payroll, or require attention.

By clicking on their status icons, enter the required legal details on behalf of the employee and get them payroll ready.

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Scheduled Breaks in Templates

Released Nov 21 - Web

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and compliance concerns! Admins and Managers have the ability to seamlessly integrate breaks into their scheduling templates - ensuring that every shift is efficiently staffed.

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