How are benefits calculated with 7shifts Payroll?

What does the setup look like with various benefits and providers, and how does 7shifts Payroll determine the deduction amounts (for health, dental, 401k, etc.)?

7shifts Payroll is designed to adapt to various benefits and providers by using a flexible configuration. The setup process remains consistent across different benefits and providers because our system focuses solely on handling deductions. These deductions can be entered for employees directly within the app. When setting up these benefits, you'll have the option to prefix the name with the provider name to distinguish which provider the benefits correspond to.

Is the transferred amount to the provider change each cycle, based on the hours worked by the Employee?

No. The transferred amount to benefit providers is typically a fixed amount per month or pay period and is not linked to the number of hours worked. The hours worked can be used for determining benefit eligibility.

How do we determine the amount to transfer to each provider after each cycle?

The transfer amounts should be provided by the respective benefit provider, and these figures would be based on the coverage or plan selected by the employee. Typically, these amounts are entered as per pay period amount.

If the benefit description is prefixed with the plan name, it will be itemized separately on the Payroll Journal for the specific pay period, allowing for easy identification.

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