Why am I locked out of my Account?

You may find that you're locked out of your account and cannot sign in. This article will cover the reasons why and the next steps.

What to do

Invalid credentials.

Follow the steps outlined here to reset your password and gain access. 

Too many sign-in attempts due to invalid login credentials.

You will be locked out if more than 5 attempts have been made to log in with the incorrect username/password. In this scenario, please reset your password and gain access. Or, wait 24 hours from your last login attempt to try again.

Changes made to your Account.

Account modifications are made from an Admin or a higher user-level type, and they have sole user access to update them. If you require further assistance, please reach out to them directly.

Expired Trial.

This can happen if you were trialling your Account and the trial period has ended. Please reach out to our Support team so they may assist you in changing your plan. 

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