Troubleshoot Log In Issues with 7shifts

If you're having trouble accessing your account and cannot log in, this article will cover the potential reasons behind the issue and troubleshooting steps for you to gain access.

What to do

''Wrong email or password. Please try again.''

If you encounter this message during your initial login attempt:

  • Verify that you are using a valid e-mail address, without any typos or errors. The format should be proper, with the "@" symbol and a valid domain. For example: .
  • Confirm with your Employer that the email you are using matches the one they have on record for your 7shifts profile. Pay close attention to spelling, as your ability to log in depends on the information manually entered by your Employer.

If you have successfully logged in before and are now facing login issues:

Too many sign-in attempts due to invalid login credentials.

You will be locked out if more than 5 attempts have been made to log in with the incorrect username/password. In this scenario, please reset your password and gain access. Or, wait 24 hours from your last login attempt to try again.

Changes made to your Account.

Account modifications are made from an Admin or a higher user-level type, and they have sole user access to update them. If you need any more help, please reach out to them directly.

Expired Trial.

This can happen if you were trialling your Account and the trial period has ended. Please reach out to our Support team so they can help you change your plan. 

Issue Unresolved

Login to your Account and start a chat with our Support team by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen. To expedite the process, please provide your:

  • first/last name
  • e-mail used to login
  • the company name
  • any error messages you're receiving upon login

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