How do I access and download information for an inactive employee?

If you're trying to retrieve report data for an employee who is currently inactive, you will have to reactivate the Employee. You can follow the steps to reactivate an Employee:

      1. In the left navigation bar, head to Team.

      2. Select Inactive.

      3.  Locate the Employee profile and click Reactivate.

      4. You'll be prompted to confirm once more with the option to also notify the employee via email. If selected, the notification will go to the email address that is currently on file with their employee profile.

⚠️ If you are a Manager or Assistant Manager user who cannot see this employee, it is likely that your Admin will need to reactivate them for you, or review your permissions and assignments.

Rest assured that by reactivating an employee, they will not receive a notification on their end. Once you've retrieved the data, you can set the employee to inactive by deactivating the employee again.

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