What's New: August 2023

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We've been diligently working over the past month to add and enhance features in 7shifts. Here's a rundown of what's new! Explore the latest features that will elevate your team management capabilities today.

Time Off Policies (Beta)

Aug 10 - Web & Mobile

Customizable Time Off policies ensure that your business remains compliant with your local labor laws and regulations. Seamlessly assign vacation/sick time entitlements to your Employees, and manage time off with ease.

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Employee Tips on Mobile (Android)

Aug 15 - Web & Mobile (Android)

At this time, Android users can now access their Tips Reports on mobile and see their tip information for each shift (i.e. tips collected, contributed tips, tips received, and earned tips). This feature must be enabled by an Admin for the Account.

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Employee Kudos

Aug 17 - Mobile

Give a Shout Out to your fellow teammates through chat to show your appreciation and acknowledge their efforts

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Tip Payouts Dashboard (Beta)

Aug 22 - Web

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Tips and pay at 7shifts just got even stronger! With this update, we've established seamless connections between your POS integrations, Tip Pooling, Tip Payouts, Tips to Payroll and payroll integrations/exports/reports. This results in the automatic population of tip amounts into Tip Payouts!

Your Tip Payouts dashboard will give you a breakdown of tip information for each Employee (i.e. owed and paid tips). Save time, increase tip calculation accuracy, and ensure your restaurant stays compliant!

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Paylocity Payroll Export: Include Tips!

Aug 25 - Web

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Restaurants using Paylocity Payroll Export can now include tips! Automate your payroll process by automatically including tip data (determined by your Tips to Payroll formula) in your export.

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Performance + Manager Log Book

Aug 28 - Web

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Add Performance Log notes directly from your Manager Log Book, and see them automatically surface in an Employee's user profile!

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Default Manager Permissions

Aug 29 - Web

Exclusive to new 7shifts restaurants. A default set of permissions will be enabled by for all users assigned as Managers.

Check out these handy article to learn more:

Permission Templates

Manager Permissions


Released Aug - Web




Looking to integrate with Onaroll? Once integrated, Onaroll and 7shifts will sync employee profiles and attendance data to be tracked for each team member's goals and rewards.

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