What's New: June 2023

imageWe've been diligently working over the past month to add and enhance features in 7shifts. Here's a rundown of what's new! Explore the latest features that will elevate your team management capabilities today.

Permission Templates

Released June 1st - Web

With multiple Permission Templates, you can ensure that each group of Managers has the appropriate level of control over the tasks they are responsible for, without having to manually configure permissions for each new user. Additionally, bulk updating permissions can save time and reduce the risk of errors when making changes to the permissions of multiple users at once.

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Employee Onboarding: Signature Required

Released June 2 - Web & Mobile

With 7shift's Employee Onboarding, your team can electronically sign and return custom documents from anywhere, and from any device!

When sending out a custom document as part of their Employee Onboarding package, Employees will now be required to add an electronic signature + date when acknowledging the custom document. Once submitted, we will generate a receipt and append it to the original document.

At any point your management team would like to review the document, it will be available under the Documents tab in the employee's user profile.

Please note that with this update, this will not retroactively affect past documents and only newly sent documents will require a signature and date moving forward. As well, we have removed the Acknowledgements tab and condensed all records within the Documents tab.

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3rd Party Punches 

Released June 6 - Web



Use 7shifts as the source of truth for POS time punches, letting you edit punches directly from within 7shifts Time Clocking! Once enabled, any modifications, edits, or deletions made in the POS after the employee has clocked out will not sync with 7shifts.

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ADP WFN Run Payroll

Released June 7 - Web

Once Export wages is enabled within your Payroll Mapping settings, an Employee's hours worked per role will have 7shifts wages associated with them at the time of processing payroll. 

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Employee Approval of Time Punches

Released June 8  - Web & Mobile


With Employee Approval of Time Punches enabled, create two-way communication and open the possibility of the validity of time punches between managers and employees. This feature allows employees to review and approve their own time punches before they are finalized.

Here's an example of what it will look like on the Employee's side of things when the feature has been enabled:


For Admins & Managers, click here!

For Employees, click here!

Tips to Payroll

Released June 8  - Web & Mobilemceclip0
Save time and eliminate Tipping mistakes by creating automated rules to calculate paid and owed tips. Accounts integrated with a POS integration, 7punches, or Tip Pooling will be able to streamline the process and include tip data when running payroll.

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2-Step Verification for Tip Payouts

Released June 20  - Web & Mobile


2-step Verification is a security measure that enhances the protection of your 7shifts account. By adding an additional layer of security, you'll be asked to authenticate your Tip Payouts request by SMS text message.

By adding an extra layer of security to your 7shifts account, you challenge unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your account and reduce the risk of cyber theft.

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Performance Log: Attachments

Released June 22  - Web 

Admins and Managers can attach a file when adding a Performance Log Note to an Employee profile.

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Released June 21 


Looking to integrate with 1huddle? By integrating with 7shifts, turn workplace training into a fun and interactive game. Once integrated with 7shifts, training games will seamlessly assign to a player/employee based on Location and Department.

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Employee Filtering in Time Clocking

Released June 29  - Web 

Filter your Payroll Period results even further with a brand-new employee filter! Refine and easily manage your punch records to focus on a single employee.


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