Send & Close an Employee Onboarding Package

for Admins & Managers

Employee Onboarding is a paperless solution to help you securely collect and store tax forms, and send important company documents to new hires. You can prepare for your employee’s first day in the same app where you manage your schedule, allowing you to stay organized and eliminate paperwork.

This article will cover the steps Admins and Managers will need to take to send, approve, and close onboarding packages.


⚠️ Prerequisites
⚠️ This feature is available to customers in the US, except for Accounts located in Puerto Rico.

⚠️ Access to this feature may require an upgrade from your current plan.

⚠️ Before using this feature, the account must:

  • Have the country set to ‘United States of America’ under Company Settings.
  • Have an address, under your Location Settings, that is within the US.
⚠️ Admins will have full access to this feature, however, Managers and Assistant Managers will only be able to use this feature for the Locations they are assigned to in the account. They will also require the following Manager Permissions: Can add employees, can edit employees, can manage employee documents, can send and approve onboarding forms, can view wages. 

Send an Onboarding Package

⚠️ Managers can send onboarding packages to employees in their assigned Locations.

⚠️ Admins can send themselves, as well as other Admins onboarding packages.

Send an Onboarding Package while adding a new employee

Just before you add a new user to your 7shifts account, you can send an employee their onboarding package. This package will include the applicable tax forms for your region, based on the address in the location settings of your account.

  1. First, head to Team > Employees > click on the green Add Employee button to create a new user profile.


  2. Next, a window will pop up where you can provide the Employee's details. 
    Please ensure that you have entered the Employee's email correctly.

    Key information for Employee Profiles

    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address (all staff will require a valid email address to log into 7shifts)
    • Mobile Number (for SMS and Push notifications)
    • Hire Date
    • Their assigned Locations, Departments, and Roles
  3. Before you click on ‘Add employee’, choose from the following options:

    • Invite employees to 7shifts - This will send them and e-mail invite to access the account.
    • Send onboarding package - Please note that Location settings,the employee's email, and hire date must be complete before sending them their onboarding package. This is essential for sending them their appropriate tax forms.

  4. After you click on Add employee, your employee will immediately be added to your account. The employees will also receive an email prompting them to sign in to their new 7shifts account and begin filling out their forms.



  5. After your employee has completed one or more of the forms within their onboarding package, you will receive an email notification.


Send an Onboarding Package from 7shifts Payroll
Accounts using 7shifts Payroll can send Onboarding Packages from within payroll settings.

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Settings.

  2. Select the Employees tab:

  3. Hover over an Employee's status icon:

  4. Click Review details from the Employee's Checklist:

  5. In the pop-up window, click Send onboarding package:

  6. Verify the package details, and click Send package:

Send an Onboarding Package from the Onboarding Page

If you forgot to send an onboarding package while adding a new employee, or have Employee Sync enabled, you can send an onboarding package directly from the Onboarding page.

  1. First, go to Team > Employees > Onboarding.

  2. Click the green Send new package button.

  3. Next, select the Location and Employee:

    ⚠️ Please Note

    • You can only select locations that have a U.S. address
    • Only employees who haven't been onboarded can be selected
  4. After you click on Send new package, your employee will receive an email prompting them to sign into their new 7shifts account and begin filling out their applicable forms.

  5. After your employee has completed one or more of the forms within their onboarding package, you will receive an email notification.
Resend an Onboarding Package
Please be aware that there is an associated fee with resending a package.  To resend a package, you need to change the existing package status from "In Progress" to "Complete".

  1. Navigate to Team > Employees > Onboarding.

  2. Under the In-progress tab click the More Options icon.

  3. Select Mark Complete:

  4. Once complete, click the green Send new package button, and the Employee's name will be available in the dropdown menu.

Notifications For Employees

It's essential that employees complete their onboarding package to be fully integrated into the team. During a new hire's first few days, a mobile notification will be sent to their mobile device reminding them to fill out their onboarding documents.

⚠️ Push Notifications must be enabled on the employee's personal mobile device, in order for them to receive the notification:


⚠️ The notification is sent out one time, and cannot be disabled or manually sent.

The mobile notification is sent 24 hours after the Employee has met the following criteria: (1) created their account, (2) logged in, but (3) did not start their onboarding package.


Once the first form is completed by the Employee (this does not include Payment method forms), the Employee will receive an e-mail notification that will let them know the form has successfully been submitted, and how to find it within their Account:


Kindly note, that if the first submitted form requires approval (i.e. tax forms), the e-mail notification will only be sent once a Manager/Admin has reviewed and approved the form.

Requesting edits

If you find any errors in a form that the employee must correct, you can request them to make the required changes. 

  1. While viewing the document, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Request changes. 


  2. A comments box will appear where you can provide the employee details for what changes are needed. Then, click on Send request.


  3. After you send the request, the employee will immediately receive an email notification with the document name and comments you provided. You'll also receive an email notification after they resubmit the document:


Closing an onboarding package

At any time, you can choose to close an employee’s incomplete onboarding package. Closing a package will remove it from the “In progress” tab and any incomplete documents will not be saved. Completed documents can be found in the employee’s profile under the “Documents” tab.

  1. To go to the Onboarding dashboard, head to More > Employees.

  2. Then, click on the Onboarding tab where you’ll be able to see the progress of any Onboarding packages:


  3. Click on the More options icon  Screen_Shot_2022-12-01_at_5.26.25_PM.png  of the package you want to close:


  4. Click Mark complete:

  5. A warning will appear, reminding you that any incomplete documents will be deleted:


  6. Click Mark Complete to close your Onboarding Package!

Review Employee Onboarding packages

After an employee has completed the forms within their Onboarding Package, an email alert will be automatically sent to the Admin(s) and Manager(s) of that Location. However, you can go to the Onboarding dashboard at any time to review and approve these forms in 7shifts. Here, you can also track which forms still need to be completed by employees.

      1. To go to the Onboarding dashboard, head to Team > Employees.

      2. Then, click on the Onboarding tab, where you’ll be able to see the progress of any Onboarding packages.


      3. Click on Review to approve their documents.
        While viewing this Dashboard, you can sort the list of employees by name, see the progress for each employee’s package.



      4. You’ll be taken to a list of all the documents that the employee has in progress and their statuses:


        Status meanings

        Status Description
        Incomplete Employee has not submitted the form
        Needs manager review Employee has submitted the form and it is ready for manager approval and/or requires the employer to complete a section
        Completed Form has been approved by a manager. If it is a tax form, the PDF has been made and saved to the employee under Profile > Documents
        • Company documents are not clickable.
        • You will only be able to click on tax forms when they have the "Needs Manager review” status.
        • I-9, W-4 and state forms will be read-only documents:

      5. For some documents, you may need to simply scroll down and approve the information. 


        ⚠️ If you are required to fill out a portion of the form, be sure not to close or navigate away from the page or your progress may be lost.

        ⚠️ If you notice any errors that the employee needs to correct, see the steps here to request changes.
      6. When you’re finished, click on Approve at the bottom of the page.
        The approved document can be found within the 'Documents' tab of the employee’s profile. You’ll be able to open, view and print the final forms with all the provided information.

      7. To view a record of documents an employee has signed and acknowledged, go to the employee’s profile > Documents :

        All approved documents can be found
        within the Documents tab of the employee’s profile, where you can open, view, and print the forms. To print the documents, right click on the page > select Print > Save as PDF.

Congratulations, you have successfully onboarded your employee!

Payment Method forms

⚠️ Assistant Managers/Managers must have permission: Can edit employees, Can manage employee documents, Can manage and pay for Employee Onboarding.

To review an Employee's Payment Form information, you can navigate to Team >select Employees and:

  • from the Onboarding tab: select an Employee to expand their Onboarding Package, and click on Payment method to view it
  • or, from within an Employee's profile: select 'Wages and payment'

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