Navigation Bar Comparisons

A new design is here!

The navigation bar has moved from the top of your page to the left side of your screen.  This new experience was developed to improve visibility, increase efficiency, and make all your favourite features more easily accessible.Use the navigation bar in whichever way works best for you:

(a) Hover over the left bar to expand it.

(b) Or, click on the right-facing arrowScreenshot_2023-03-27_at_6.00.16_PM.png
to fit the screen to size while keeping the navigation bar open.

Next, click on each menu item to reveal and show the necessary tools.

April 2023: In the coming weeks, these new experiences will be slowly rolling out to our users. During this time, you can expect to see changes taking place in your Account and our Knowledge Base. As part of our commitment to maintaining quality improvements, we'd love to hear from you! Just click on the little blue icon at the bottom right of your screen to start a chat with us.

To illustrate the changes...

Compare the numbered areas in the Before image to their new location in the After image. Click on the comparison graphics below to enlarge them :

Untitled_design__46_.png Your Company logo.

If you have multiple 7shifts Accounts, click on your Company logo to switch between employers.


Untitled_design__47_.png Dashboard.

Your home Dashboard quickly allows you to look at how your restaurant's doing by: Sales vs labor, Who's working, Location Overview, and Engage Overview.

Untitled_design__48_.png Schedules. 

All the resources you need to effectively create a schedule will now be organized in one place - helping you to stay on top of any new requests that come through. This includes: Schedules, Time off, Availability, and Shift Trade.


Untitled_design__49_.png Time Clocking.

Manage Time Clocking data with the essentials: Pay Periods, Payroll Setup, and Time Clocking Settings.

Untitled_design__50_.png Log Book.

Just like a shared journal, connect and align with your management team about daily operations! View logs for your Location(s),  customize Categories, and Search the Log Book with ease. 


Untitled_design__51_.png 7Tasks.

Check completion progress on the fly, who’s completed which tasks, and who’s tagged in a task.

Untitled_design__52_.png Tip Pooling.

Tip Pooling has found a new home under Tips & Pay (and a new neighbor, Tip Payouts)!


Untitled_design__53_.png Reports. 

A central hub to run and export different overviews of your day to day operations through graphs, numbers and lists.


Untitled_design__54_.png Hiring. 

Previously located under the More menu, Hiring has found a new home under Settings > Add-ons. Once enabled, it will appear in the left navigation bar.



Previously located under the More menu, Availability has found a new home under Schedule. Make informed scheduling decisions by quickly heading to Availability requests and reasons.


Untitled_design__56_.png Employees.

Previously located under the More menu, Employees has found a new home under Team. Search for people, teams, and create new users.

Untitled_design__57_.png Engage. 

Previously located under the More menu, Engage has found a new home under Team. Check on your team's workplace satisfaction with Engage.


Untitled_design__58_.pngShift Pool.

Previously located under the More menu, Shift Pool has found a new home under Schedule. Make informed scheduling decisions by quickly heading to Shift Pool requests, shifts that are up for grabs, and all trade requests.

Untitled_design__59_.pngTime Off.

Previously located under the More menu, Time Off has found a new home under Schedule. Make informed scheduling decisions by quickly heading to Time Off requests, Calendar and Blocked Days.


Untitled_design__60_.pngApps & Integrations. 

Navigate to your existing integrations and discover any new integrations that we offer! Build out your integrations ecosystem with: Explore, My Integrations, and Mapping.


Untitled_design__61_.pngSearch (Beta).

The powerful search bar lets you quickly scan across 7shifts for anything. We've added a quick keyboard shortcut so you can begin searching from anywhere: just tap the "S" key on your keyboard!



The Announcements icon has been updated with a new color design, but its position has not changed.

7shifts After





The Messages icon has been updated with a new color design, but its position has not changed.

7shifts After




Untitled_design__64_.png 7shifts Logo menu.

In addition to its' original placement, you also have the option to manage your Account Settings in the navigation bar.


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