What's New: March 2023

Here's what's new in 7shifts! Discover all the new features that will enhance your team management needs today:

Totals Row in Location Overview

Released March 8 - Web

⚠️ The Totals row is available for accounts that have enabled the Operations Overview add-on.

With this update, your management team will get a bird's eye view of the company's total performance vs. total projections.

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Reporting Pay - Canadian Labor Compliance

Released March 15 - Web

⚠️ Reporting Pay is available on the Works plan and above.


We launched Reporting Pay/Call-in Pay for California and New York in January. Now, we are implementing the same settings and functionality but for all Canadian provinces and territories (except for British Colombia at this time).

Accounts, located in Canada, can enable Reporting Pay to stay compliant with local labor laws. This includes:

  • alerting managers to shifts that are entitled to receive Reporting Pay
  • reducing human error by automatically completing pay adjustments 
  • saving time with manual calculation by tracking associated costs within Reports

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Employee Onboarding: Payment Method Form

Released March 16 - Web

⚠️  Employee Onboarding is only available to customers in the US🇺🇸


This new update will give your management team the ability to set which payment method(s) are offered to Employees during their Onboarding experience! Direct deposit, Paycheck, and Paypal now replace the former feature which only allowed for Direct deposit forms to be submitted. Once enabled, your Employees will be able to choose their preferred payment method, and it will be securely stored within the Employee's profile.

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Employee Onboarding: Close a package

Released March 17 - Web

The Close package button has found itself a new home! To close a package, Admins and Managers/Assistant Managers with permissions can: head to More > Employees > Onboarding > click on the  More Options icon > click on  Close package.

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Lightspeed POS (K-Series)

Released March 27 - Web


Sales data tracking is at your fingertips with the Lightspeed POS (K-Series) integration! With sales data being pulled through, monitor your day-to-day operational goals and use this data to determine optimal times to schedule staff.

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Employee Onboarding: Resend an Onboarding Package

Released March 29 - Web 


Once the initial Onboarding package has been closed by an Admin/Manager/Assistant Manager, you're able to resend a package to an existing Employee.

To send a new package, head to the Onboarding tab > click Send new package > and reselect the Employee.

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Employee Onboarding: Notifications for Admins

Released March 29 - Web 

Admins can choose to enable or disable the type of notifications received from Onboarding Packages. Head to My Account > Notifications > and use the toggles to set them!

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Released March 29 - Web 


With 7shift's Hiring feature, any live job postings will now automatically display your company’s logo at the top of the page. Add or update your logo within your Company Settings.

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