Whats New: February 2023

Here's what's new in 7shifts this month! Feel free to check back in for regular updates:

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Released February 7th, 2023 - Web 


Managers/Assistant Managers (with permissions: Can edit employees) can now add an Employee's birthday to their user profile. You don't have to worry about missing out on their special day if they haven’t entered it for themselves!

Having this information filled in ensures it is on the employee's record at all times and also
helps you stay compliant with your local labor laws. Any Employee under the age of 18 will now have an indicator next to their name, allowing Scheduling Managers to easily identify if the employee they're scheduling is underage (on the web and mobile app):

im1.png.                  im2.png

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Certification Reports

Released February 9th- Web


In just a few clicks, quickly pull a report on all the Certifications that are stored in your Account. You can easily:

    • identify which employees still require certification
    • track any expired certifications or certifications that require renewal
    • view an employee's uploaded file
    • stay compliant with your local labour laws

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Restroworks POS

Released February 22 - Web


Looking to integrate with Restroworks? By integrating with 7shifts, Restroworks allows restaurants to view real-time sales within reports!

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Tip Pooling for Revel POS

Released February 27 - Web


Tip Pool Live Preview

Released February 28 - Web
A condensed version of the Tip Pooling Report! This update allows you to see your Tip Pool's settings in action before you go live.

The Tip Pool Live Preview pulls real-time labour data to give you a snapshot of how tips will be distributed and immediately delivers you the math. Check and edit any rules or filters, and see the numbers change accordingly. 

Select your POS integration to learn more about the Tip Pool Live Preview:

GoTab POS  
Revel POS  
Square POS  
Toast POS  
Touchbistro POS  


Lightspeed (K-Series)

Released February 9th- Web


Accurate sales tracking is at your fingertips with the Lightspeed (K-series) integration! To learn more about the K-series, check out Lightspeed's Help Centre

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Reporting Pay - Canada

Released February __- Web


Restaurants located within most Canadian provinces (except for British Columbia and Yukon) can enable Reporting Pay to stay compliant with local labour laws. This includes:

  • alerting managers to shifts that are entitled to receive Reporting Pay
  • reducing human error by automatically completing pay adjustments 
  • saving time with manual calculation by tracking associated costs within Reports

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