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Counting cash tips and ensuring there is enough on hand can cause unnecessary challenges at the end of a long day. With Tip Payouts, you can eliminate all the extra steps and digitally transfer earned tips directly to your employee's debit accounts! As this is an immediate transfer, you and your employees won't have to wait around on-site (or, for payroll) to receive their tips. 


⚠️ Tip Payouts is exclusively available for Accounts located within the contiguous United States, and excludes customers residing in U.S. territories.

⚠️ Employees must have (1) a debit card and (2) use the 7shifts mobile app to receive funds.

Pro Tip! We recommend that you enable 2-step Verification for an added layer of protection and security. Once enabled, we'll send a message to your trusted phone number whenever a new payout batch is initiated, or a new float amount is set. If the person isn't you, we'll stop them from taking either action. Click here to learn more!

4 Steps to Get Started

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Tip Payouts Glossary

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