What's New: December 2022

Happy December! Here is a list of all the exciting new features and updates we've rolled out this month. Feel free to check back in, as this page gets regularly updated!

Employee Onboarding Notifications

Released Dec 1st 2022 - Mobile & Web


Employees will receive two new automated notifications during their onboarding journey with 7shift's Employee Onboarding!

A one-time mobile push will be sent to employee 24 hours after they create their 7shifts account and logs in, but did not start their onboarding package.  And, an email reminder is sent to employees after they complete their first onboarding form, informing employees where they can access their completed forms.

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Calendar Sync

Released Dec 1st 2022 - Web


We've made a few updates to Calendar Sync for new users! For extra visibility, you can sync your 7shifts schedule and events calendar to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar!

With this sync, the Event data is being pulled by your calendar application or service. 7shifts does not push the Event data, but rather, your application is requesting this information from 7shifts. The frequency of this sync will depend on your calendar application, which may update between every 2 hours to 12 hours roughly.

Please refer to the 7shifts web app or the mobile app (iOS/Android) directly for the most current information about your Events.

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Permission Templates (Coming Soon!)

Released Dec 15, 2022 - Web


Save time and quickly scale out your team while making permission edits! Permission Templates now allow you to seamlessly: view a list of users assigned to a user type, bulk assign users to a user type, and propagate the changes to all assigned users when editing a user type’s default permissions.

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