What's New: November 2022

Here is a list of all the exciting new features and updates we've rolled out this month!

Copying Departments & Roles from a Location

Released Nov 2nd 2022 - Web


Set up a new Location in a few simple clicks! Admins can quickly copy Departments & Roles from an existing Location to a new Location - eliminating the need to manually add all Departments & Roles.

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Billing - Updating to an ACH Payment Method

Released Nov 1st 2022 - Web


🇺🇸 ACH Billing is only available for existing Accounts located in the US.

As an Admin, you can log in and update your payment method with a US bank account (Automated Clearing House, or ACH)

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Employee Onboarding: Now Available!

Released Nov 8, 2022 - Web


⚠️ Employee Onboarding is only available for existing Accounts located in the US.

⚠️ Employee Onboarding is currently not supported for customers integrated with ADP or Clover.

Ready to simplify the way you onboard new employees? With Employee Onboarding, you can securely collect tax forms, direct deposit information, and send important company documents to new employees. Completed documents are securely stored within your 7shifts account, making them quick to reference when needed.

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Square: Re-authorize your integration



For any of our customers using Square POS, make sure to re-authorize your integration by clicking on this link here!

This is a standard procedure to ensure that you're utilizing Square to its full capacity, with the best performance and functionality.

Tip Pooling—Contribution by Department

Released Nov 14th 2022 - Web


As you create your Tip Pool, you'll be able to set Contributors as an entire department,  in addition to individual roles. When adding a Department as a Contributor, all Roles within the department will contribute the amount set into the tip pool.

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Tip Pooling—Dayparts Rounding

Released Nov 14th 2022 - Web

For companies using Dayparts in Tip Pooling, you can control where early/late punches allocate their tips! Set a custom grace period where, if a time punch comes in within that period, we’ll automatically round the punch back into the correct Daypart to avoid inaccurate contribution/distribution to/from the tip pool.

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Holidays Hours & Overtime

Released Nov 23rd 2022 - Web


We have made an adjustment to the way we calculate Overtime! Moving forward, holiday hours will contribute to overtime hours - and both holiday pay and overtime rates will apply.

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Tip Pooling: Unassigned-only Contribution

Released Nov 23rd 2022 - Web


Do you have tips that have no set contributors, and sit as unassigned tips? Common examples of this would be mobile takeout, delivery orders, or where no employees are ringing the order through.

You can now create an unassigned-only tip pool to manage how these tips get distributed! Simply click on the trashcan icon Screen_Shot_2022-11-24_at_2.47.45_PM.png beside other contributors to make 'Unassigned tips & receipts' the only option.

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State Minimum Wage for Overtime

Released Nov 28th 2022 - Web


⚠️ This feature is available on the Entrée plan and above

Enabling 'State Minimum Wage' within your settings ensures that you remain compliant with minimal effort! Once enabled, we will use the state minimum wage for your jurisdiction to calculate overtime pay - making sure that no employee is paid less than the state minimum wage for their hours worked.

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Released Nov 30th 2022 - Web


Webhooks allow one program to send data to another as soon as a particular event takes place. That means your apps can receive real-time notifications of events happening in 7shifts, instead of relying on complex synchronization. For example, a webhook can instantly notify payroll when a pay period is closed.

To access Webhooks:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover over the 7shifts logo and select Company Settings. Once on the Company Settings page, select Developer Tools.

  2. Next, click on the Webhooks tab

  3.  From here, you can go ahead and begin the process to Add a Webhook, or reference our Developer guide for more information!

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